Rideshare Support Supports You From Every Corner

(Almost Every Corner)

Rideshare Support has worked for four years, listening and understanding the pain points and concerns of rideshare and delivery drivers all over California.

With our official launch, we’ve created an innovative mobile platform that takes all we’ve learned from you and now aims to support UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub. Deliv, DoorDash, Lyft Essential Delivery, Amazon Flex or Instacart and other rideshare and delivery drivers, and make their lives easier.

We understand that choosing a trusted auto-repair shop can be hard, especially considering that you’ll be entrusting them with your car - your source of livelihood and mobility. However, with Rideshare Support, there’s no need to worry about it anymore.

Rideshare Support has locations all over Northern California. Each location underwent meticulous and rigid background checks to make sure that Rideshare Support users will only receive the best care, services and car parts. Now, we are proud to announce that we are all over Northern California, with plans to expand to other parts of the state in the near future.

With Rideshare Support, no matter where you may be in Northern California, you will have access to local Rideshare Support locations to attend to your car concerns.

These services include express roadside assistance with exclusive rates and discounts like gas delivery, tire and jump start services. With Rideshare Support, you can have up to 3 gallons of gas delivered to where you are for only $60. The same goes for tire and jump start services, which costs $45 each. There’s also a local towing service available for only $65, for 10 miles.

With just one tap of the screen, you can have your services brought to you in just a few minutes.

All of these services and more perks and savings will be available for you once you download our FREE app on Google Play and Apple Store.

To know more about Rideshare Support, please visit our Facebook page (@ridesharesupport)

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