Rideshare and Delivery Drivers United with Rideshare Support

Rideshare and delivery drivers who work for TNC companies like: UberEats, Lyft Essential Delivery, Postmates, GrubHub. Deliv, DoorDash, Amazon Flex or Instacart drivers provide essential and crucial roles in our society today. They provide safe passage and delivery, ensuring quality service in every drive.

But who supports rideshare and delivery drivers?

That’s where Rideshare Support steps in.

Rideshare Support is founded on hearing and listening to the voices of rideshare and delivery drivers. After four years of research and development, we’ve launched a mobile app platform that provides quality and affordable support, benefits & protection to rideshare and delivery drivers.

How exactly does Rideshare Support support drivers?

1. 24/7 Driver Support

One pain point for rideshare and delivery drivers is the difficulty in getting a hold of service providers during emergencies. We at Rideshare Support understands your need for quick action and services.

With our app, you have access to a 24/7 driver support system that can answer any of your concerns and questions anytime of the day.

2. 100+ RS Auto Service Locations

Imagine having a flat tire in the middle of an unfamiliar road and calling for roadside assistance only to realize that the service shop is located miles away from you.

Awful, right? Rideshare Support eliminates this possibility for all Northern California drivers (for now) by having over 100+ service locations throughout the Northern California area. With our app, you can easily avail of roadside services from the nearest local service provider at a discounted price.

3. Up to 40% Discount on Roadside Services

Speaking of prices, with Rideshare Support, you can breathe a little easier with up to 40% discount on roadside services.

These services include gas delivery, tire service and local tow anywhere in Northern California. With us, you can get the most bang out of your buck as every service provider undergoes strict background and professional checks before being part of the Rideshare Support team.

4. Exclusive Rental Rates

Rideshare Support understands the financial challenge rentals can cost.

And so for our members and app users, Rideshare offers exclusive rental rates and up to 1 week free car rental for car collision victims. Through Rideshare Support, you can avail of economical and cost-effective packages to keep you on the road while we help you get your own car back up and running.

5. Flexible Payment Plans & Financial Support

Rideshare and delivery drivers are alarmingly vulnerable to roadside collisions, accidents and other unfortunate events.

At Rideshare Support, we ensure that rideshare and delivery drivers can quickly recuperate, and get back on the road faster so they can resume their financial obligations with less downtime. We do this by providing financial repair support that allows them to repair their vehicles without facing the brunt of piling debts and expenses.

Additionally, we also offer financial support for auto-repairs, car maintenance and tire services.

Learn more about how Rideshare Support can support you by following our social media accounts (@ridesharesupport) and be part of our community by downloading our app for FREE on Google Play or Apple Store.

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