Rideshare Support Perks & Savings

Rideshare and delivery drivers are a busy bunch. From driving to and back different locations to interacting with customers, and up to maintaining their vehicles, they really have no time and financial resources to waste.

Rideshare Support understands your needs and aims to support rideshare and delivery drivers. Here’s how Rideshare Support maximizes your financial resources.

How does Rideshare Support save drivers’ money?

1. Rideshare Support offers a flat fee of $49.99 for a full synthetic oil change.

Over time, dirt can cause corrosion and decrease the life of a car engine. To avoid this, regular oil changes are needed to keep up the car’s maintenance - and they can get pricey.

Did you know that the average full synthetic oil change costs around $79.99? Cars usually need an oil change every three months, in total that amounts to roughly $240 a year!

Some drivers put more than the usual amount of miles on their cars that they are actually needing oil and filter changes every 3 to 4 week. That’s a lot!

However, when you download our app and become a member of our community, you’ll be getting a flat fee of $49.99 for a full synthetic oil change - saving you $30 per oil change! How cool is that?

2. Rideshare Support offers EXCLUSIVE rates on roadside services.

As a member of our Rideshare Support community, you can avail of EXCLUSIVE rates and discount on roadside services. Rideshare Support takes care of around 40% of all the roadside assistance. From gas deliveries and lockouts to tire changes, and much more.

We ensure that UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub. Deliv, DoorDash, Amazon Flex, Lyft Essential Delivery or Instacart and other rideshare and delivery drivers do not face any impediments in fulfilling their professional obligations and overcoming their financial constraints.

Additionally, we also offer FREE towing services within 10 miles of the nearest local service provider when you download our app.

3. Rideshare Support offers FREE gas cards.

Gas is a probably the most valuable resource to a rideshare and delivery driver. With all the driving you do, it can run out as quick as a snap! With Rideshare Support, you can avail of gas cards for FREE!

Our free gas cards, worth $50.00, are designed to help them evade financial constraints and maintain striking professional records.

You simply have to download the Rideshare Support app into your smartphones, and enter a raffle to win your free $50.00 gas card.
Aside from the chance to win a $50 gas card, you can also avail of the services, perks and savings above just by downloading our app on Google Play or Apple Store.
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