Rideshare Support Offers Video Calls

For Your Engine Problems

Time is the greatest asset for rideshare and delivery drivers alike. Driving back and forth from one destination to another, picking up passengers and deliveries and dropping them off at their respective destinations are all time consuming activities.

Rideshare Support understands that for UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub. Deliv, DoorDash, Lyft Essential Delivery, Amazon Flex or Instacart and other rideshare and delivery drivers, that time is money. The more of it you have, the more services and deliveries you can accommodate.

Additionally, your vehicle requires care and maintenance that usually takes a bulk of your working and driving time, even more when an engine problem arises out of the blue.

To save your time and effort from visiting an RS location for a repair cost and time estimate, Rideshare Support enables you to have a video call with an RS location repair team to show your engine concern. From there, they would give you the approximate cost and length of repair time.

Think of how much time and effort this saves you!

You may do this through our FREE mobile app, available on Google Play and Apple store. With Rideshare Support, you can avail of the support, service and convenience that you deserve.

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