Is Rideshare Support Free?
Yes! Rideshare Support services are absolutely free of cost and are designed to add value and convenience to the lives of rideshare and delivery drivers. 

All you have to do is download our mobile app on Google Play or Apple Store to avail of our services.
Who is Rideshare Support?
Rideshare Support is a team of driven and dedicated individuals that empower rideshare and delivery drivers. We provide them with the most advanced, innovative support app to date; it provides solutions, instant contact, video call, chat, and GPS, and it simplifies and resolves a great many problems, including everyday on-the-road and off-the-road challenges. We are here to connect “YOU” with trusted and family-oriented businesses that will cater to your interests with dedication. We safeguard your finances by providing you with exclusive discounts and rates (that are not available to the public). We make sure rideshare and delivery drivers are armed with many different support options, pragmatic guidance, trusted partners, financial support, savings, roadside support, rentals, perkz and unconditional support to uplift your circumstances and ensure a successful future.
Roadside Support! We're in Every Corner...Well Almost!
YES! We're in Every Corner...Well Almost, but we're getting there! So stop contacting 3rd party services that charge you an arm and a leg for dispatching your call and wait around for hours losing time and money! With your ridesharesupport app you can now "INSTANTLY CONTACT" your nearest roadside service provider and get express roadside service! Wait it gets better! You also get a 25% discount on your roadside service!!

Simply! Go to Find Roadside Near Me! And find your nearest roadside service provider, send them a text message, video call, or phone call and get your quote! , Then send them your location thru the app! Super easy to use 1-2-3

But, It gets better! Make sure you take your car to one of our network service providers of over 150+ auto service locations and receive exclusive discounts and rates for your repairs! Ask them about Payment Plans if needed!
Can you provide me a rental car for Uber, Lyft , Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, Post-Mates?
Absolutely, yes! We at Rideshare Support have a team of experts who are looking forward to helping rideshare and delivery drivers connect with trusted rideshare or delivery rentals. We understand that money is of paramount importance when one’s financial health is suffering, and we take seriously the responsibility of connecting you with rental agencies who will meet your requirements of affordability and trust-worthiness, and provide you with economical and cost-effective packages to keep you on the road while we help you get your own car back up and running.
Is every Rideshare Support service provider in your network really screened and interviewed in person?
Yes, absolutely! We take our screening and interviewing process very seriously because it is a major aspect of our commitment to connecting rideshare and delivery drivers with trusted and reliable service providers who will provide you with an exclusive discount and rate. We make sure each service provider undergoes a diligent and strict process of screening, followed by in-person interviews. We examine their work history and professional experience to make sure their services have truly helped and uplifted rideshare and delivery drivers. We place a great deal of emphasis on family-oriented values and businesses who uphold the traditions of reliability, trust and compassion.
How many Rideshare Support Locations do you have and where?
Rideshare Support has over 150 auto service locations in Northern California, providing Auto Body Collision, Auto Repair, Carwash, Glass Repair&Replacement,Tires and Brakes, Oil Change and Maintenance, and Roadside Support. We will stretch to Southern California by the summer of 2021. Our goal is to provide rideshare support service to all drivers across California by 2021.
Do you offer financial assistance for repair and maintenance?
Yes! Through our mobile app platform, you can connect with local service providers in your area that, in partnership with Rideshare Support, can offer you advantageous and flexible payment plans for your auto-repairs and car maintenance.
Can you help me become a rideshare or delivery driver?
Yes, we can! When we said support, we meant it all the way! 

Rideshare Support can help you meet all the necessary requirements of driving screening skill tests and other procedures that will make you a promising candidate to different rideshare and delivery companies. 

These companies include Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrabHub, InstacartEat24 and Post-Mates, and other rideshare and delivery companies. Additionally, we can also offer you an exclusive rate for rental cars and a free 19-point inspection to get you started.
Do You Have A Partnership with Any Rideshare or Delivery Company?
Rideshare Support DOES NOT hold any partnership with Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart, Postmates, GrubHub, Amazon-Flex, or any other rideshare or delivery company. Rideshare Support is an independent company that offers a free platform to drivers to use for support, savings, discounts, perks, and free benefits! Our services are 100% FREE TO THE DRIVERS!