Reach Rideshare Support Anytime!

There is nothing more frustrating for rideshare and delivery drivers like UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub. Deliv, DoorDash, Lyft Essential Delivery, Amazon Flex or Instacart drivers as when you need an immediate response to a problem or situation and you have no way to reach the company or persons who can help you.

Most rideshare and delivery platforms only have email options for reaching the company's complaint or problem resolution departments. Thus, it takes time for them to revert with an answer to your concerns, but with Rideshare Support, that’s not the case.

Our mobile app provides 24/7 support for reaching the people and companies you need to speak to in order to navigate a quick and immediate solution. Got a flat tire in the middle of the night? No problem! We’ll make communication easier and faster for you.

Don't be left hanging out in the wind like a piece of laundry, waiting what seems like forever for help. Download the Rideshare Support app today for FREE. Available on Google Play and Apple Store.

You'll be all set up and we'll be there for when you need us.

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