About us

Hello Drivers! We at RideShareSupport are rideshare professionals who are passionate about supporting you in every way! For 4 years now, we have followed you and heard your voice. We spoke to thousands of drivers from all over California and decided to dedicate our lives to creating an incredibly innovative and promising support platform for rideshare and delivery drivers, providing access to 24/7 support, roadside assistance, rentals, exclusive savings, benefits, perks and auto service locations near you, wherever your driving takes you. We perfectly understand your challenges and the costs you go through to maintain your car!

That is why we have created the most promising savings and support platform for you!

Our ultimate goal is to equip the millions of rideshare and delivery drivers across the United States to connect and unite on one platform, ridesharesupport.app, that provides exclusive savings, support and solutions to satisfy and fulfill all your needs and requirements. We have great esteem for the convenience rideshare and delivery drivers add to our lives, and with our driver support platform, we intend to return the favor and add convenience and comfort to your life.