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Get Your Membership Today!!

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Access 150+  RS Auto Care Network locations, that provide our members with unmatched discounts and savings!

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Check out the simplest, instant, easy and fun auto care membership! This video will show you just how easy it is to become a member, instantly contact our local network auto care provider and use your membership to get your exclusive savings, discounts near your, or wherever the driving takes you!

RS Auto Care Membership- This is the Everday Drivers # 1 app for all their auto care savings! It truly does provide unmatched discounts for all of your auto care needs! Give it try! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

An Incredible Auto Care Savings app

RS Auto Care App was designed to provide instant simplicity for finding auto care services and roadside assistance with unmatched discounts in your surrounding areas. In addition, the app offers instant seamless communication directly with the manager of the auto care provider by phone, text, GPS, and video repair assessment when needed.

What Service Do You Need?

We have it! RS offers promising savings to our members by offering a variety of different RS network auto care services. From, Auto Body Shops, Auto Repair, Car Wash, Oil Change & Maintenance, Auto Glass, Tires & Brakes, Smog, Gas Low Prices, and Roadside Assitance. It’s everything you need has its savings!

Wherever The Driving Takes You, We're Most Likely There!

We got you covered! RS is the largest auto care network provider that offers multiple auto care services/network locations with exclusively unmatched discounts, savings, and rates. So wherever the driving takes you, we’re most likely there!

Membership Discounts

Members access your 150+ auto services locations that provide unmatched discounts and savings!

Awesome app for rideshare drivers. Tons of resources and discounts are available. Great if you're a delivery driver too.

Kate K

Excellent app for rideshare drivers if they want to get discounts on services and five-star support when servicing or repairing their car.

Austin Tamayo

Best app. My experience with this app was amazing. I have taken their auto services & also oil exchange service. The price was so cheap & they also give discounts.

Antonio Marco

Good app! Easy to work with and communicate with drivers.

Mike Genardini

Thanks for the support and discount!

Derek Coffill

Best app for delivery drivers. I love this app. Highly recommend

Rajat Singh

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